Health & Safety

Keeping Employees Safe

Safety, an integral part of our business, is foundational to our culture. We’re committed to providing a safe, healthy, and secure work environment. We accomplish this through our health & safety program initiatives. With it, we observe and reward positive behaviors, address hazards, and track of all of our safety measures. It’s based on the following principles:

  • Occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility
  • Compliance with all applicable safety, health, and environmental requirements is paramount

TERRA’s Health and Safety Program (H&S) is directed and managed from the top by TERRA’s health & safety management team which informs the safety program at the corporate level to reduce risk and loss.

Our training begins on an TERRA employee’s first day and continues with extensive learning designed to ensure continuous improvement. Communication is also key to reinforcing our H&S program. We proactively share hazard recognition, risk assessments, and controls; report near misses; and convey lessons learned.

TERRA’s H&S Program is fully compliant with state and federal requirements, such as the Right-to-Know Law and GHS Hazard Communication Standard. The comprehensive program includes initial training for new hires, daily tailgate safety meetings and monthly training for all staff. The H&S program includes Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), policies, Job Safety Analysis (JSA), safety audits, on-line reporting of near misses and incidents and safety resources made available through the company intranet. Safety objectives are established annually through the Safety Committee, supported by senior management and ultimately carried out at the project level.

TERRA is under contract with clients which utilize third party companies to monitor and track safety performance. These corporations have stringent requirements for their contractors’ H&S programs including auditing of procedures and records. TERRA’s H&S program is highly rated and remains in good standing with ISNetWorld.

Health & Safety